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Hi  my name is Albert Culmer I am looking for someone to program a new type of game for me, and let me know how much it cost to program the game. This game all the kids used to play it in school when I was 10 years old when I was living in the Bahamas. The game is called Tea, Tie, Toe. We all named the game like that because it was like if we were playing Tic-Tac-Toe If you could program the game that way two people will be able to play the game on the internet. Here is how the game will be played but I won't be able to show you a picture of the game table. because I can't download the picture on your message board. so here is how the game is played


 This Game is called Tea, Tie, Toe. This game is a new version of tic-tac-toe. When the game begins, each person has three men, you have three white pawns, on the outside of his Border line and your opponent has three black pawns, on the outside of his Border line. You can see from the diagram below how the game is set up. It shows you how the white Pawns are set up and also how the black pawns are set up to start the game.


In order to see who goes first, you take both of the pawns and you put them in the palm of your hand and shake them up, and then separate the two pawns by putting one in each of your hands. Don't let your opponent see what color you are putting in your hand. Then tell your opponent to pick from one of your hands, this way he will get the color pawn that he is supposed to play with. If he is lucky, he will get the White Pawn, that way he will be able to play first.


Now if your opponent picks the right hand with the white pawn in it , he gets to go first. Most people who have played this game always go for the middle spot first. It looks like if you get your Pawn in the middle first, it will make it easy for you to win the game. But this is not so. If you are playing against a experienced player, he can block 2 pawns and force you out of the middle. That way he would win the game. A experienced player has many different strategies. You have to be on your toes at all times when you are playing someone who is experienced.


Rule #1 In order to win the game, you must have three of your men in a row and you have to have one of your men in the middle to win.

Rule #2 You have three different places that you can play on the board. You can go for the middle first if you choose, or you can choose either side of the board to block your opponent in the middle.

Rule #3 You're only allowed to move to one empty space at a time.

Rule #4 You're not allowed to jump over any man to an empty space. If you can move into the middle and hold it, your chances are very good to win the game. But this is very hard to do if you're playing against somebody who has very good strategy.

Rule #5 You cannot win the game on any of the outside 4 border lines. The three diagrams at the bottom show you how to play and win the game.



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