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                                  Check out this fire limbo dancer,how low can he go?
Ronnie Butler Bahamian Thing Here Is A Music Video. This music video, while it's entertaining you, it will be showing you different parts of the island how beautiful the Bahamas is in case you would like to go there one day. Just click on this link to watch the video.
This guy limboed under 2 bottles...I believe that's 8 inches off the floor! Amazing! He's got to be the best limbo dancer ever. (located in Freeport, Bahamas)
Hi my name is Albert Culmer, and I was raised up in the Bahamas. My father had one of the first scrap metal businesses in Nassau Bahamas. The Culmer name was well recognized in the Bahamas, my uncle's name was Wesley Culmer, he owned one of the largest insurance companies in the Bahamas, it was called Oxford Insurance. And my aunt Dot Culmer was married to a man called Curtis Malone. They owned the first grocery store on Shirley Street in the Bahamas. Between the three of our family properties we owned over 1.7 million dollars worth of property. When my father sold his portion of property, he came over here to Jacksonville FL. He was able to retire when he was 45 years old. His portion of the money, when the property was sold in the Bahamas, was $566,000. He decided to invest in a lot of property here in Jacksonville. I am quite sure many people are familiar with Pirates Cove, that was his first property that he bought. Also, I am quite sure people are familiar with Trout River Drive, off of Main Street on the Northside. That was 300 square feet of riverfront property. Then he ended up buying four International dump trucks that he used to help build Walt Disney World. To top it off, he bought two more International trucks that delivered fruits and vegetables all over the US. He also bought a bar and restaurant on 8th street in Springfield, which did not last long because he had drunks running the place and they would steal most of the profits. That's about all I have to say, to let you know what we owned here in Jacksonville. When my father and mother passed away, the administrator they had put in place to handle our inheritance, stole all the property after my father passed and left my brother and me $20,000 apiece and that could only be claimed on our taxes yearly, so when that ran out, we had nothing. That is why Terry and I have had to work so hard to get what we have today, otherwise we would be living on easy street today if we had not been cheated.

This dance was very popular at beach parties. In the mid 1960's a Fire limbo was done as a stage act as well as a few contests were thrown, but legal hazards made this cease publicly. The Fire Limbo is a normal Limbo with the exception of the stick, it is set on fire burning while the dancer performs, with occasionally the dancer having a lighted torch, blowing alcohol from the mouth to the torch for an explosive bursts of flame.
This guy limboed under 2 bottles...I believe that's 8 inches off the floor! Amazing! He's got to be the best fire limbo dancer ever. located in Bahamas. Click on this link to see how low he can go.
The Fire Limbo was not done socially, and was performed by professionals and should not be tried at home for more than the obvious reasons.
The Caribbean Stick Dance is a fighting type dance, which may or may not be related. Guiness World Book Records:
Regular Bar- 61/2" inches by Teresa Marquis of St. Lucia, West Indies. 4/15/1970. Flaming Bar- 61/8" inches by Marlene Raymond, Toronto, 6/24/1973. This Was The Lowest That Any One To Go Under A Limbo Stick In The Worlds History It Was 5 7/8. Uploaded by a german kid 16 on Feb 20, 2009.
Parents (and Grandparents) will love the property too! While children are immersing themselves in the wonders of the island, Franklyn D Resort and Spa gives adults a special, custom-designed vacation you can't find anywhere else. We make sure you have the leisurely time you need, whether it's strolling the mile of white sand beach next door, fine dining, tennis, snorkeling, excursions, frosty bar drinks, poolside games, volleyball in the pool or just swinging in a hammock to the lazy sound of the waves, you'll find it at Franklyn D Resort and Spa. Take advantage of an optional excursion . We also offer snorkeling at the coral reefs, along with snorkeling lessons, trips out on our own glass-bottom boat and kayaking.
Nassau Bahamas is my hometown. I used to live on Mackie Street. I lived there until I was 18 years old. I went to school at St. Thomas More. All of the Bahamas islands are so beautiful, if you ever go there, you will say the same thing. The water there is so crystal clear you could see the fish and all their beautiful colors. And they have so many different types of tropical fruits and the fruits taste as sweet as sugar. If you ever come to the Bahamas you need to try some of their sugar apples, and some sour sops, and also their scholar plumbs, and hog plums, and don't forget to get some sap adillys, these are only a few of our tropical fruit. The Bahamas is like the garden of Eden we also have one of the most beautiful trees that you would ever see. It is called a Siena tree. In the summertime, it is covered with beautiful red flowers all over this tree which makes it look so beautiful.
I cannot say enough about the Bahamas, you have to see it for yourself how beautiful it is.
This was when I was 19 years old, and this is from my wild days! I was playing at the Banana Boat Restaurant in West Palm Beach. I also played for the Senator, his name was Senator Reed Morse, at his last election. But I am sad to say, he did not win his bid for re-election. We also played music for Mr. Barnett, who owns all the Barnett Banks in Florida. He hired us to play Calypso music at one of his largest hunting lodges. Percy Dixon was the Singer and lead guitar player and I was the percussionist. Back then, we only played reggae and calypso for private parties. We both would make pretty good wages playing Calypso and reggae, about $400 each for 4 hours and back then that was pretty good wages, doing the work that we love to do. At the bottom of this post you'll see a picture of Percy Dixon and me playing music together.
The last time I went to Nassau, Bahamas, I went to Paradise Island and I had an opportunity to play music over there also. It was just for one night, but man, I had so much fun. A couple of the guys in the band used to live just up the road from me on Mackie Street. They asked me if I knew how to play calypso music and I told them to just give me a chance. I will try to do the best I can but if I sounded bad,
I told them to look at me and shake their head and I would go back to my table. After I played with them for a while and they saw how good I played Calypso, they asked me, are you sure you never played Calypso music before? I told him this is my first time playing island music. I was just playing around with them. You see, I knew two of the guys who were in the band. But I never let on that I knew them.
After I played with them that one night, the next morning they wanted me to join their band and play with them on the Banana boat. They were so excited. They thought that I would join their band and go with them and play music on the banana boat with them. But I told him there is no way possible for me to go with them because I was only down there for a short time on business, and my partner and I were leaving in the evening to go back to the states.
When they found out that my name is Asa Culmer, and they knew that I lived up the road from them, they grabbed me up and lifted me up and down, and they were so glad to see me. Their names were Peter Bowe, who played the sax, and Anthony, who played the horn. They were brothers I had known since I was a kid. Maybe one day, I will go back and play some Island music with them again for the old times.
Ronnie Butler inspired me to Calypso music. Ronnie Butler was a famous Bahamian calypso and rake n scrape entertainer and singer. Butler is referred to as "The Godfather of Bahamian Music" and his career spans more than five decades. Butler began his career in music at the age of 16. He performed in Bahamian local night spots Among his popular hits are songs "Burma Road", "Crow Calypso" and he achieved great success and career and longevity.
Ronnie Butler - Bahamian Thing Here Is A Music Video.
Historic Nassau takes you from Bay St, along Parliament St

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Duke St. Bay St is fillled with Shops and restaurants for the tourists
arriving by cruise ship. Parliament St are for Governement buildings
and the other streets are rich with cultural and religious edifices.
Deeper into Nassau's (not in this slideshow) center is what they call "
Over the hill". There you'd find where the descendants of the former
slaves build their colorful abodes. Over the hill, is the actual center of the
Bahamian-African culture. The major public buildings of 'HIstoric'
Nassau can be visited on foot. There's Parliament Square which is home
to the statue of a Young queen Victoria, and to the House of Assembly.
There's also Nassau's Public Library and Museum, which was originaly
the city jail (1797). Fort Fincastle (1793) and the Queen's stairs is a must,
with its 60m high Tower and great view of Downtown Nassau. Although
not very interesting to see Gregory Arch it is very rich in history and is very
important in the development of the city. (see the report on Nassau) And of
course there are the many Churches who witnessed the ages


Horse Carriage Tour of Nassau Bahamas.
Horse Carriage Tour of Nassau Bahamas. Carriage Tour of Nassau Bahamas. click on this video.


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