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                           I Fight against dyslexia. You can overcome this problem like I did.

About Me Albert.
This Was Me In My Younger Days
I Was A Professional Painter for 35 years, 

Hi my name is Albert, but my friends  call me Ace.  I would like for all my friends to know me a little better, and why it takes me a little while to write you back some time. I could never learn how to read or write because I had dyslexia this made it very hard for me to correspond back and forth with some one. This happen to me when I was a kid, I grew up in the  Bahamas during the sixties and no one knew about dyslexia or lead poisoning back in those days, and what lead poisoning could do to your brain.   When you get lead poisoning, you cannot retain your words.  But I don't let it stop me from doing Gods work on the Internet. Since I have a Natural Reader, I am able to locate most any thing I am looking for on the internet now. I only wish I had the NaturalReader  years ago. I also have the Dragon, but sometimes I would say something and the Dragon would misspell some of my words. But since I had my computer fixed, I don't have that problem that much any more with my software. It makes it so much easier for me now since I can correspond with someone.  It has opened a whole new world for me to be able to write all my friends now.


Now here is what I used to do. I  was a painting  contractor for over  35  years. I also worked overseas for the government for one year. I worked at a missile range  in  Kwajalein, It  was 12,652 miles south of Hickans  Air Force Base in Hawaii. My job was to sandblast steel pilings  underwater, also paint with a magnetized paint on the steel  pilings. I took care of all rust control on a 200 ft, microwave tower, and  also a 200 ft,  satellite dish that we had to paint inside the dish and also paint under it wearing safety harnesses. I got injured while overseas by getting zapped by the microwave tower. I did not get out of the danger zone fast enough when the microwave came back on.


This is how I ended up getting cancer. Now I am a retired painting contractor. I am 65 years old and a cancer survivor and also survived two heart attacks. I Was Healed From Cancer After A Doctor Told Me That I Only Had 6 Months Left.  Go here to see the index of my book. The ebook is called Miracles still happen today the book is free. The index will let you know a little bit about each story.  And here is the link.



The index will let you know a little bit about each story.