The Emergency Air Supply Line. By Albert & Terry.

I am a product developer.

                                God always takes nothing and makes something out of it.

This is for a parent who has a kid who has dyslexia and cannot read.This information might be able to help your kids, like it was able to help me.

Hey, this is for my friends out there, I need to let you know that I cannot read or write but I bought the software called the Dragon to put in my computer. It can do all my writing for me. I just dictate to it but sometimes it spells words wrong . I would like you to know why I cannot read. When I was a kid, I got lead poisoning and this causes your mind to not be able to retain words. And if that's not bad enough, I also have dyslexia so I have had a double whammy in my life time. So if I am writing you and my words mess up in my dictation, please forgive me. I am still training my computer to get used to my voice commands.


 I also would like for you to know that I also have software in my computer that lets me read anything that you will be sending me. The software is called the natural reader. So any time you send me e-mail or a letter, the natural reader will read it to me. You know, I am very proud of myself for accomplishing as many things as I did not having a college degree. I had my own painting business for 35 years and was very successful at it.


I was also into buying houses, fixing them up and selling them without spending any money out of my pocket. How many people do you know who don't know how to read and write can do that? You see, God takes nothing and always makes something good out of it. That's why we shouldn't never judge a book by its cover, the way you see it is not the way that God sees It.


 I was also able to write my life story in a e-book. My book will tell you about 13 true short stories of my life and how God was there everytime when I needed him the most. The name of my book is Miracles Still Happen Today, and if you would like to read my FREE e-book go here for more information.

The natural reader  does all my reading for me. And I also have the software which is called the Dragon,  that does all my writing for me. But I still have to have my wife proof anything that I write, because a lot of times the Dragon will put down the wrong words. But one thing I can say is that the Dragon and the natural reader opened up a whole new world for me. My friends could now write me and I can read whatever they send me. Life is so much better now. It will also work for the person in your life who cannot read, it will open up a whole new world for him or her, like it did me.


This is where I ordered my Natural Reader.  The Most Powerful Text To Speech Reader, Listen to PDF files, webpages, e-books, e-textbooks, office documents and even printed books.



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