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                                             Okay you need to try and quit smoking!

Get one of my imitation cigarettes It is chemical free from all types of chemicals. It can help you while you are trying to quit smoking. 

It is a proven fact that cigarette tobacco is an addictive substance because it contains the chemical nicotine. Like heroin or cocaine, nicotine changes the way your brain works and causes you to crave more and more nicotine. This addiction to nicotine is what makes it so difficult to quit smoking. 




 Smoking is also a psychological problem. You have used a hand-to-mouth motion.

This is also a habit that you have been using for many years. I came up with this new idea to help me with my  habit. This hand-to-mouth motion is the same, but i am using a substitute, imitation cigarette which I invented to take the place of a real cigarette. Anyone can quit smoking if they really want to.  You really have to want to in order to quit. One time I walked into Winn-Dixie with my imitation cigarette in my hand. I was putting the cigarette up to my mouth like I was going to taking a drag of my cigarette.  Someone came over to me and tapped me on my shoulder and  told me that I needed to put my cigarette out. I turned around to see who it was. It was a police officer, and he told me that it is a $500 fine if you get caught smoking in Winn-Dixie. The police office told me, you need to put the cigarette out right now! 

 I turned around and started to put my imitation cigarette out on his arm. He backed up very quickly and asked me if I was crazy trying to put my cigarette out on his arm. I laughed at him, telling him that my cigarette wasn't real. It was only my imitation cigarette that I invented to help me stop smoking. He started laughing and said, let me see that cigarette, it looks so real. He thought that my imitation cigarette was so cool. He wanted me to make him one. He told me to put him down for one of my imitation cigarettes. I got his information and sent him two, the very next day. That way if he had another friend that was trying to quit smoking also, he could give him one of his imitation cigarettes.

How to order this imitation cigarette: send $4.00 through PayPal to With each order buy one and get one free, with a two-year warranty for the two imitation cigarettes.

 This is very important for you to know. Remember, when you are not using your imitation cigarette, to keep it in your plastic bag. That way you will be able to keep it clean. Remember to wash it with soap and water to keep it clean always. You also can put it in a small glass of listerine when you go to bed at night. That way it'll be clean and ready to use each day.

 Are E-Cigarettes Bad For your Health?

Study Shows They Quickly Affect Airways.

 Story said that e-cigarettes contain only five main ingredients: nicotine, water, propylene glycol, glycerol and flavoring."These ingredients are all FDA-approved," Story said. But the FDA says on its website that "e-cigarettes may contain ingredients that are known to be toxic to humans, and may contain other ingredients that may not be safe." Indeed, the FDA and the e-cigarette industry have had a rocky relationship. In 2010, the agency sent warnings to five makers of e-cigarettes for marketing them illegally as stop-smoking aids. The FDA also tried to regulate e-cigarettes as drugs -- and thereby block their importation into the U.S. -- but a U.S. court ruled that the FDA could only regulate the devices as tobacco products.