The Emergency Air Supply Line. By Albert & Terry.

I am a product developer.

The Beach Babysitter.

Hi I am Albert. I came up with a new safety device to keep children safe at the beach. Let me tell you the reason why I invented the Beach Babysitter. You should be watching your child at all times. In one moment a riptide can take your child and pull him or her under the water and drown him or her. The Beach Babysitter will prevent that from happening. The Beach Babysitter was made to  save a child from drowning and it could be your child that the Beach Babysitter saves.
Here are a few stories in Florida, how very dangerous our beaches are. Rip currents take many kids lives at the beach. Preschool children learned about beach safety at Lake Worth Beach Tuesday following a weekend of rip currents and heavy surf that sent swimmers to the hospital along the coast of Palm Beach County and killed a man swimming Sunday in Fort Pierce. As Rose went into the ocean with her 6 year old son her child started screaming as he was being swept away by a rip current, according to news reports and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. And there are many more stories of parents who had lost their loved ones around a pool, at a lake, and at the beach. That's a lifetime of hurting for a mother and a father to go thru i thank god that my wife and i did not have to go thru that type of hurt losing a loved one. That's why I made this type of safety device to help parents so they do not have to go through the pain of losing their precious son or their precious daughter.

This is a good product that parents need to know about. It is a new safety device that will help to keep their children safe while they are at the beach. The new safety device that I invented is called The Beach Babysitter.  I did a walk survey at the beach and I got ratings from 1 to 10 from 124 people and most all my ratings were 10's. Then I took my idea to WalMart to try to market it myself, and they took me into a back room, where I talked to a couple of the managers. They liked the idea after I showed them what it looked like, and after I described the purpose of it to them.
They took me to an area where they had all the beach equipment, and they told me this is where they will display The Beach Babysitter. I was finally approved for my PROVISIONAL PATENT license on The Beach Babysitter, I already have the working prototype, Most ideas are too expensive for an individual to manufacture themselves. I found this out through an attorney. Unless you are a big organization, it is impossible for you to manufacture your idea yourself. 

This life jacket It's made for children from the ages of 3 to 4 years old and must weigh no more than 30 lbs. That is the weight capacity of the childrens life jacket. The life jacket has 3 safety straps and one safety strap that goes between the child's legs. This stops the child from slipping out of the life jacket in case the child gets pulled into the water. It also has a stainless steel connecting ring that is connected to a safety clip that connects to a 14 ft spring loaded line that will stop the kid from being pulled out by the strong currents and strong undertows at the beach. The line retracts back into the spring loaded case, it is also connected to a steel anchor. The spring loaded case swivels around the anchor so the line can not get tangled. The anchor is 30" long and it has a "t" bar with 2 handle grips. This way you can screw the anchor down 18" into the wet sand and then mash the wet sand around the anchor using your feet. This way the anchor will be secured tightly in the wet sand, the tee bar has 2 streamers that blow in the wind, that way everyone around the area can see it.



#1. At no time should you ever leave your child unattended.

#2.  At all times, make sure that the child is wearing enough sunblock. 

#3. When using this device, double-check each buckle and snap, also check

the lock that hooks up to the safety line in the back of the jacket to make sure

that everything is secured properly.

#4. Make sure that the shaft is screwed down into the ground at least 18 inchesand take

your foot and press all around the shaft so the sand is pressed tightly around the shaft.

#5. Judge the distance of how many feet out into the water that you want your child to go.

#6. Make sure that you have the streamers connected to the "Beach Babysitter"

so that it will be noticeable to people who are walking around it. 

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